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Our Background

We founded COMPUTER FACTORY UK with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable products.


Our company is an Internet Based company in United Kingdom, we sell Reconditioned Laptops, Used Laptops,  ex-business Laptops at affordable prices. We cover and deliver to the UK and worldwide. We supply a one year warranty on all products, we Issue a 30-day money back guarantee for returns. Refurbished Laptops offers you an extensive range of used and refurbished cheap laptops which covers all the leading brands like Apple, Lenovo refurbished, Toshiba, Acer, and many more. Our refurbished laptops are extremely cheap and can be afforded by anyone.

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every costumer counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.


Check it out for yourself!

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